Peon - BETA

2008-09-02 18:28:29 by ffgameplayer

Hi All,

The time has finally come (a month later than expected!). I have gotten my latest game 'PEON' into Beta stage. The game is loosely based on the old Golden Axe Sega game that I was once addicted to.

The game is based on a story of an Orc sold into slavery, his escape and ultimate revenge. The game hosts 11 levels, multiple weapons and items, many different bad guys, unique special attacks for each weapon.

Actions include, walking, running, jump, run-jump, ram, jump attack, basic attack, kick and special attack.

I am looking for testers to play and constructively critique the game so if anyone is interested please PM me or message on this page so I can PM you. I am looking for around 20 people.

Finally this pic attached is of the PEON (the little guys) and the big boss Orgak (who is a tank!).



Peon - BETA

Just thought I'd post a few screenies of a game I have started working on :)

It will be a side scroller like Golden Axe style flash game based on a life of a peon sold into slavery by a clan of traitor Orcs to a human warlord. The story is about the peon escaping, gaining revenge and saving other peons like himself.

I have the game engine almost complete and will be starting to create more bad guys, bosses, level graphics and work on the storyline.

But for the first time ever I hope to have one of my games properly tested so in around about 2 weeks I'll release and alpha for some people to test. If you are interested with testing or have any suggestions for the game please let me know!



New Arcade Style Side Scroller Game - Screen shots